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This is the discussion, comment, news and info, etc. ~Area of the original website ….

http://azfightsbackals.club.officelive.com/default.aspx ( THIS SITE WAS DELETED BY WHO KNOWS WHO) this blog was started in 2010 so keep that in mind…. Please see these pages



https://www.facebook.com/groups/weebecci  ( AZ Fights Back against Aurora Loan Services FB Page)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/191894124163322/     ( AURORA VICTIMS NETWORK FB PAGE )


Like so many other lender servicing agents ALS is under greater scrutiny especially in recent months and prior for questionable business practices, fraud, legal wrong doings etc, my list can go on and on!! Yet even on their o usual, yet if you research them by name, thousands of people like you and me are out there! SCREAMING FOR HELP AND CRYING FOUL!!

By the way~ This company is a subsidiary of Lehman Brothers Bank, and not part of the Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. bankruptcy filing,,,,,, believe it or not, yet I learn new things everyday about these masters of scam!
I, like numerous other across the nation, am seeking other individuals like myself to come and tell their stories as they all seem to be in my opinion anyway~ ” like a fine written ” how to defraud home buyers/owners” product manual “!

I am seeking not only OUR home back but to change laws in Ax to help homeowners! If u need help email me. I’ll share all I have learned along this journey. I cannot n will not give legal advice. Everything I tell u is my own opinions and experiences anything you choose to do or file is your decision alone I don’t tell you to do anything. I just offer my two cents… what u do with that us firmly your choice.

Fighting fraud is……what this site has been made for to start yet another like it across the country but our very own…..
ARIZONA AGAINST AURORA LOAN SERVICES, LLC and others tangled in ALS’s web of deceptive practices!!

I am in “other” groups trying to fight and during my time there many AZ people have sent emails to me requesting my story and friendship to help, as well as to not feel alone in this struggle……… so instead of a nationwide only class which i have been involved in, I am trying, with guidance from my very good friend and mentor who started the fight for ALS victims like us…. to gather all the ARIZONA people I can and try to get “AZ’s CLASS ACTION AGAINST ALS”

HERE WAS THE FIRST QUESTIONAIRE I FILLED OUT TO SEEK HELP, to give ya a bit of info from June 2010

Husband and Wife…. Please Make Note Now as this will be very important as you read our saga that the ONLY person involved or associated with the home we live in is my husband
Scott. I have and did so at initial purchase as well, and When we Received a 2 mortgage for the first time in 2006, we moved in 02-1998 after initial purchase. Our value was way more than we paid but we only refinanced for what was owed and extra 50,000 and during this time, the home was appraised at well over 220,000 double our purchase price. Yet we did not DIVE in for the money just a bit more than owned to make repairs and other life needs. Anyway. I Rebecca his wife have been and it is recorded in Maricopa County “”disclaimer”” on both items, since day one and then again in the refinance. So therefore I have no interest in the “loans” or obligations nor rights to make or decided any and all changes on anything. This will make sense soon I promise, I just have to give you ALL the insane madness details. Sorry If I end up confusing anyone as I have been for well up to a year. Next is our lifetime movie! I will start by answering the questions JAS has listed then summary after….. Here we got hang on it’s a roller coaster….. I have copied your questions and answered below them… Hugs Maam!!! Really and to all of us who now thru a sad sad shyster company, well, we have all found new friendsssssssss…..!!

Your summary doesn’t have to be long. It can be bullet one liners. I think what we should look for is whether:

1. Aurora was telling everyone to “go late” in order to start the loan mod process.
Yes they did. A women told me that “well they won’t help you until you miss a payment, but don’t say I told you this ok, but that’s the truth, they tell you to call before and they will help and they never do” I was shocked yet polite as she seemed sincere, yet I told her we do not want to go late. This is why we were calling ahead of our layoff schedules to notify you up from and see if it came to a financial hardship how you can and would help us. Especially since we have been in our home for well over 11+ years, never late and even paid extra each month that was supposed to be added to the principal. I can get in extreme details, but I want to get my main info out to ya all asap, so please contact me with questions or if you need “blow-by-blow” information as I will add it. Just trying to get enough of our story to you….now…!

2. What are your late fees and penalties (mine are $40,000 and that was BEFORE the foreclosure sale so I’m sure the amt is now higher)
Some how we got ” lucky” on this one at least on the latest bill… sure that won’t be ,,, but it’s $183.66

3. Were you delayed in getting a loan mod

4. Were you ever approved
We were approved for A TRIAL period initially and they sent out the first “packet” after a few months runaround . Next we continued to call month after month to the point my husband could not take it anymore and told them they have to talk to me and explain what the hell it is they are going to do. There is more.. but trying to keep it to a minimum to at least get this to you ASAP. Then after continued BS, I finally research the HAMP and all the programs and in my search found out not only was out loan a Fannie Mae Backed Loan, But that Aurora was signed in a contract through the program to help, EVEN BEFORE THE ” Go Behind waiting period ” to get help. When we try months before our layoffs we heading our way… More as I said……just ask…..

5. Were you denied
Then when it arrived My husband called them and they said ” oh sorry that was in error” disregard it, we are still waiting for the approval from the committee” So as I stated above My hubby got tired of the lies and run around so gave me permission to talk them to at very least find out what our options are ect. Miraculously, They lady I was speaking to kept saying the same things you don’t qualify, long story short after much arguing and myself explain to hear the laws of Mortgage, The HAMP ect, and that we will be retaining a lawyer and more choice phrase as to the wonderful help of this worthless company….. right that minute, oh wait maam we can help you and she proceeded to have me tell her the info for our ” mod checklist information expense etc sheet” After that They wow we were approved during the same call they we have been going for well over 7 months, just like that???? again… shocked. Not to mention the fact A: I AM NOT ON THE LOAN NOR OBLIGATED FOR IT WHAT SO EVER. 2nd: THEY MADE THIS PLAN AND NEVER SPOKE TO MY HUSBAND ONLY TO ME.. again had permission to talk about the loan and get information, not to make changes etc as I AM DISCLAIMED and I AM NOR HAVE EVER BEEN INVOLVED IN THE LOAN. Now when the trial ended… we get” what paperwork” we have none for you, but they took our payments for sure, they sent us bills for those 3 payments type 2-3 days prior to due date and mailed them after due date, even thought we were not late, but nice BS tactics to add to their bullsh!#@$ arsenal right??!! and again more to add… but when I must…

6. What was the length of time you worked on a loan mod
worked as in how?? we have been fighting ( requesting, and or notifying of the possibility of hardship) since April 2009… Still no mod still fighting….

7. Do they legally hold your Note and who was your original or “real” lender
Do not know as we can’t find a recorded doc in our county for such, according to all those that are recorded it never shows it leaving Original which is Universal Savings Bank FA. So I can’t say legal…. not so sure on that!

8. Do you have a log of your conversations
mostly sorry…. just stared last few months…. but have cell records of when we called as we always you them.

9. Were you harassed
No to the legal term harassment except with phone calls and said lies.. and such, so maybe not sure if it is harassment..

10. Did you ever speak to a supervisor and what is the name
Several times but sadly did not keep accurate notes until the last few months on contact names….. Recent one was a another shyster named…. Hold on to your pants…. Beverage. No kidding not exactly spelled that way but is it….

11. Is your house in foreclosure or do you know
As sneaky as those people are maybe, but as of right now we do not know, I have been keeping watch via all venues to see if it pops up there without notice though

12. Has your house been sold or repossessed
Not yet

13. How were you notified that you were in foreclosure
Supposedly not in foreclosure just yet but last paperwork we finally received is shady, so maybe happening in secret…

14. Were you told your debt to income ratio was too high and then a day later you were told you made too much money
no and or not yet

15. When you talked to loan mod reps, did you ever ask them if they knew if your house was in foreclosure or did you tell them it was in foreclosure and they didn’t even know about it.
I did ask and was told no

16. Or did they say the sale would be cancelled if you set up a new plan 3 x’s higher than the last trial payment plan.
no have never gotten that far as the only papers we received is the first plan that was “in error to disregard” per Aurora and the others we bill, and a few letter saying thanks for your or we received you paperwork but need more… yet WE NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING~~ and called and called can called and emailed and emailed etc…..Finally got one, but it was NOT the 2nd documents of which we were fulfilling our obligations as told to do for a 3 moths trial period as it got through mod process, then the run around and now, they remain it I ask for over night , nope 6 days alter and all the Supv did was reprint a new on over letterhead, literally over it and send it out dated the day we talked and said we have to fill it out again cause they don’t have the papers I am talking about…. YA LONGER STORY… this is summary.

17. Huge item – did any of you have an adjustable loan whose interest rate DROPPED while you were on the payment plan? Aurora wouldn’t give me my newly adjusted interest rate. If they had, my payment would have dropped $1000 from what I was paying when I asked for a loan mod! I wouldn’t need their dumb payment plan. Instead they calculated I was going in arrears $700/mo while on my “trial” payment plan – the different between my original int. rate payment and my new “trial” payment. In reality, my “trial” payment was $300 higher than my current and original loan payment. I should have been credited for overages not debited for arrears (is that a word? ha).

We have a fixed rate loan

Thanks so much anymore ? please feel free to ask as I said our story is a longer one and still playing dodge ball with these robbers!
Take Care
The AZ Misenhelters’


11 thoughts on “About ~~ Why this site was made…

  1. I have a story that is unbelievable involving the theft of my home. Like you I was pro se. In the utmost brevity, my home was sold at improper trustee sale June 21, 2005. Three months after the sale Chase paid off the first and only mortgage on my head to enable purchase to get title insurance. The first mortgage was held by The Money Store who went belly up one month after the refi but they were never paid. I went all the way to the Supreme Court who declined to hear the Case. Chase lacked standing to sell. Had my case gone the other way, I still believe the rest of these lenders would not have gotten away with stealing homes. I had all the evidence inclusive of Chase admitting they never recorded Notice of Trustee Sale at Summary Judgment even the attorney could not believe that Judge Houser awared SJ to them….the Courts are very warped in our State. Someway, somehow I am going to win….I have not and will not ever give up! I lost all my equity, my home via legit Appraisal was worth 1.2 mil. I purchased it in October 1987. It was beautiful, designed by one of the last living students of Frank Lloyd Wright, (Fred Griffin). Please email me when you get a minute.

  2. I am an attorney suing Ocwen and US National Bank over assignment fraud that was done by Aurora bank and later assigned to OCWEN and US National Bank. Can anyone send me documented evidence that Aurora bank regularly committed assignment fraud. I am also looking for a reasonably priced expert to write a report on the assignment fraud. I have the evidence ready to go.
    This includes a smoking gun fraudulent assignment dated before Aurora bank even existed.

      • My husband snd i were told to due a harp loan. My spouse was srlf employed for well over 30 years. We were told our scheduke “c”, was not allowed, so we were not allowed to apply for the HARP loan. We tried every neans told to us, all the whike paying over 7 thousand dollars a month payment.
        We were told they only loaned on a house and 5 ac., but my actual deed was 8.5 a.c., they took 13.5 a.c.. from us. We owned that land outright .
        They refused to talk with us or help us. They told us we should have had an L.L.C. for our business.
        Slammed the door in our face.
        This house was our whole life, built with our 2 hands over 25 years to finish. We cleared and worked the land, raised our damily there
        We bith had outstanding credit scores and work contracts.
        They refused us. They took our home.

    • You may want to see that Lebrams changed their na.e ma y times, I feel by them doing this they were paid off each time by the FDIC insure by our government. At least, this,waz was mailed to is at every name change.
      This law firm changed it 3 times during the housing crash, each time we received something saying they were paid in full by the government for their accounts, at each name change.

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  4. Имеется такая услуга – добровольное медицинское обслуживание (или ДМО).
    Она предполагает, что пациент платит небольшую сумму за то, что посещает врачей целый год БЕСПЛАТНО.
    Однако опросы показывают, что лишь 5% жителей города знают о такой программе.
    Да потому что частным клиникам выгоднее сдирать с людей деньги за каждый визит.
    А если какой-нибудь сотрудник клиники попытается посоветовать добровольное медицинское обслуживание клиенту – это сулит ему увольнением.
    Информация о ДМО уже вызвала множество возмущений, сразу после того как информацию об услуге рассекретил один возмущенный врач.
    Его уволили , после того, как он посоветовал ДМО постоянному клиенту.
    Самое удивительное, что официальные положения по ДМО присутствуют в открытом доступе, просто натыкались на эту информацию только случайные люди.
    Как отстоять свои права?
    О правилах предоставления услуги и обязанностях клиник можно узнать, просто вбив в Яндекс фразу: “добровольное медицинское обслуживание”.
    Обязательно обслуживание, а не страхование.


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