Well UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEEE….. It’s not the greatest firm for sure but it’s a huge start in the right direction kids!! My letter campaign is starting to inch forward in payoffs! I rec’d a letter of "willingness to help in anyway they can, advice or what not" Sounds Good to me From My Town Mayor, Town Manager, and Town Obudsman,,,,, but it gets better….. I rewrote my State Attorney General’s Office days ago and one day later in the mail I rec’d a letter back that they are opening an investigation on our behalf and will keep me informed and if they indeed find what is needed, and TRUST ME they will find it especially since I have been devoted non stop for hours and months to build a case not just for me but anyone with ALS and their other crooked partners!! and already have over 50 docs and that is just the start!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! ALS HERE I COME!!!

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