Aurora Loan Class Actions MORE STILL Being FILED!
  Temporary Restraining Order – 12 nlc _
5 Bank National Trust Company Americas, and Aurora Loan Services, LLC and , …. 7 but not limited to Aurora Loan Service, LLC“s agent, Quality Loan…/TRO_No_3_Signed_by_Judge.2312…

Excerpts From the Kentucky Class Action RICO Suit Against 9 Banks, MERS

Excerpts from the case which point out just some of the fraud.

71. In such cases, the “trustee” filing the foreclosure complaint is not
known to the homeowner. The very first time the homeowners learns that
their home was put up as collateral for a publicly traded and sold home
loan REMIC (a federally regulated Security) is at the time they are
served with a foreclosure complaint.

Aurora Loan Services Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Loan Modifications & Workout AgreementsAugust 23, 2010

Homeowners File Loan Modification Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Against Aurora Loan Services Over Aurora’s “Workout Agreements.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Aurora Loan Services LLC (“Aurora Loan Services” or “Aurora” or “Defendant”) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (styled Mauder and Alice Chao and Deogeneso and Glorina Palugod v. Aurora Loan Services, LLC), alleging, among other things, that Aurora Loan Services induced homeowners into deceptive “workout agreements” that gave them false hope of avoiding or curing a loan default on their mortgages, according to class action lawsuit news reports.



Just got a “release of privacy” letter offering help after my letter you see posted here in another topic, SO LET’s HOPE he and his office pulls through for us and does not take the ok we got an answer, even though it is totally opposite of what your saying and showing us, like Erik Miller from Sen McCain’s office, no offense Sir, But i have written again and left messages and it seems as though this is what has happen, and that sux!! So lets keep trying and hope KYL is THE MAN!! Thanks so much for looking into THIS MESS!!!


This is the perfect example of predatory loan. Yet your only reading the utterly short version SERIOUSLY…..~  here is a website I have engaged also… ..  you may read….. Not very good at making sites though as you will see so please bare with me. My Mortgage Servicer Transferred Service to Another Servicer and then initiated foreclosure AFTER, doing so, not to mention our Lender and the banks that took over for them have all been closed by OTS /FDIC etc. and per  The FDIC and Metcalf, our loan cannot be found either. It is my understanding, period, that Since Servicer ALS transferred our “loan” to Servicer IBM they no longer have those original rights to the loan , therefore Servicer IBM is the one suppose to initiate foreclosure……Right? yet these people wont even talk to us, Not to mention all the fraud I have uncovered they really DON’T anyway! So How does Servicer ALS have legal standing to foreclose, when BOTH  ALS AND IBM ARE NOT AFFILIATED EITHER ( as far as I have uncovered yet, but it gets deeper by the minute)?? The shame is at the time we applied for the loan My husband had an extremely high credit score and would of qualified for a “real mortgage” foolish that we had trust in the higher intuitions such as the company we chose and believed they were doing the right thing as we always have! We bought our home in 1999 for this nightmare of our First Refinancing in 03/06,  the original mortgage company was Us Capital Mortgage, and the “Lender” Was Universal Savings Bank (no longer in business) who immediately sold it to Lehman Brothers/Aurora Loan Services/and who knows who else as NON of them are on any of the “legal” documents., which we have discovered only recently all the while everyone today is “acting on behalf of the lender” AGAIN WHAT LENDER EXACTLY?This I have found in my research! I have a “Purchase Advice” Dated 04/05/2006 and attached a copy as well as A “Delivery Commitment Confirmation” dated the same day from Lehman Brothers Bank, as well as other documents that may show some kind of purchase or maybe this is how in fact Aurora Loan Services became not just our servicer but the Master Servicer, as we all now know very well was one of the biggest players in the downfall of Lehman Bros to be “only a servicer” , yet they still claim to “not own our loan, just service it?!”.
That, it gets better even still,  My husband and I feel we have very strong proof of fraud involved in our Mortgage loan. Realistically, it did not just start at the refinancing of our loan in 2006 as we so thought, but, In actuality it started the very inception of our first home  LOAN back  it seems in 1999. O Yet  as many claim, is the issue going on in “foreclosure gate”, we did not DIVE in for the money when we decided to refinance, we asked for just a bit more than owned to make repairs and other life needs. Anyway. I Rebecca his wife have been and it is recorded in Maricopa County “”disclaimer deed”” on both items, since day one and then again in the refinance. So therefore I have no interest in the “loans” or obligations nor rights to make or decided any and all changes on anything. Keep that in mind as you continue to read. Our note has never been recorded with the Maricopa County Recorders Office in AZ with any “new” changes,  since the last lender Universal was our lender. My husband and I both are  in the construction industry our work in has been hard hit due to the economy  which has been  one of our hardships, I am in a Union and pay them to sit and wait. It sucks frankly! Yet I still look and look. We have been fighting with Aurora since 2009 trying to get a loan modification. They have done the same stall tactics with us as everyone else yet still no answers, claim they didn’t receive the paperwork, lose paperwork, put someone else’s paperwork in our file and always requesting additional information. Their customer service people were either morons or rude. We filed for the modification the 1st time  2009 and they said we didn’t qualify for the modification BEFORE THEY RECEIVED THE PAPERWORK. Yet they still sent out a packet saying we did, WHAT??!!, when we called to find out what was happening “oh that was an error” , Then mid 2009 I called HUD  they  it did no good, we were denied for the 2nd , 3rd, 4th time Without anything as a how ya doing? Not per Fannie Mae Guidelines I may add, if indeed they HONESTLY have our “investment” HA! They always send me to a Level 2 operator after agreeing this is all illegal and always the dang voicemail leave a message and here we sit, no call for them or LBPS, LBPS actually told me “its recorded, ..”when your done in court give us a call” HOLY FOR REAL??
So back to the somewhat story,  Late 2009 we were again mailed a packet of info stating we could qualify for the modification; Aurora never returned any calls nor wrote letters in reply, yet we kept pushing for this modification, it was not until we studied the HAMP and found out Fannie Mae was suppose to be our “ investor” yet no one told us this….then all of a sudden on my own research again as they would disclose nothing did they even offer an ounce of help did I find this fact. Miracoulsy on the MERS site yet just a few days before IT WAS NOT THERE, nor a month before, I wish I would have known then what I know know I would have copied those pages! So now, I had to threaten legal action and writing complaints which I have from Obama to our town ombudsman. .We had to fax and then mail the info so much my head spun right off. Yet still, nothing. AND Now they are trying to foreclose forced us into litigation Pro Per while they have no standing due to the transfer of servicing not to mention the numours documents of fraud that just keeps growing. Our story is long, this is just the gist. You WILL NOT BELIEVE IT< its like a freaky horror novel! Which I just may have to write someday.  
Now my newest issue with Aurora Loan Service is it seems they can’t give me a proper accounting for my loan.  Go figure~I have been trying to receive an accounting since well before June 2010 they are on the , cant even count ….. try  to, ….so each accounting is different!!!! Now its states our loan was sold in March 2010, as the balance is zero, yet they notified us of the servicing transfer in 07/2010 and then “transferred” it in 08/2010, yet are still trying to foreclose as we speak. See per a one of 5 QWR/RESPA Letters I WROTE,  I finally received a cd, they sent and recovered a lot of documents  that I really don’t think they meant to send me yet glad they did, stupid them cause that cd, included the Purchase ADVICE FROM Lehman bros BANK, a DELIVERY COMMITMENT FOR THE VERY SAME AS WELL AS Aurora LOAN SERVICES LLC AND NUMEROUS OTHERS THAT LEAD US INTO A VERY TANGED WEAVE  of LIES!!…SO TRACKING OUR LOAN HAS BEEN A WILD GOOSE CHASE AND NOW I AM TO THIS POINT, WHERE I AM ASKING FOR AGAIN is not only YOUR SO VERY IMPORTANT HELP but whom ever will listen. I have been From Aurora Loan our old servicer to IBM LBPS, our new, to Universal Savings Bank fs, our defunct lender to American Sterling Bank the aqusitioner of USB to The FDCI/Metcalf Bank the latest aqusitioner and even to CitiMortgage/Principal residential Mortgage the older servicers and Fannie Mae, and Frankly Most WILL NOT talk to me, or flat out lie as if I am stupid, not anymore I  remind them, They continue to REFUSE to help me, and The FDIC is THE ONLY FOLKS THAT HAVE, with a bit of help from Sen. McCain, and Just a bit From The AZ Attorney General, see B of A is a bigger fish so forget about us guppies now!  I do know From USB-ASB-FDIC-METCALF, Our loan is no where to be found. I am still looking mind you. That’s per the FDIC emails and I have all those, I have done so much foot work its unbelievable.
We refinanced our original home loan in 2006. The day my husband signed the papers, there was also a transfer of services included transferring the service of the loan from the actual bank he borrowed the money from to Aurora Loan Services LLC …, which would take effect one and one half months after the date of signing. We knew of the change but never thought anything “special” or “awry” of it as we had been in our home many years already and always paid on time, never late, never issues to raise concerns. That was until our financial situation changed drastically!!  We never had any major reasons to contact Aurora or anyone in our loan for that matter ever before. However, since we have experienced loss of income thanks to our wonderful economy, (we are both in construction), So My husband and I decided to call and talk to them approx. 6-7 months prior that our situation may change and what options can we start in motion so that we avoid “going late” . I told them I didn’t know how much longer we’d be able to come up with our mortgage payment, they stated they couldn’t help us because we were still making the payments. They point blank said they would not help us UNTIL we went late, over the phone that day,!! I was mystified. Then months after that, we actually fell short, we asked for help again, again before we went late, then we had no choice and fell late THEN they said that they would send us the paperwork. Still noting until the sale notice of course, who would have thought.. ya think? Also immediately began reporting us to the credit bureaus indicating that what was owed to them was anywhere the truth to the national debt….. whatever number they decided to throw that week! The amounts varied every month. They are completely ruining our credit so no refinance or any help from another company for our loan is available its more like impossible not to mention who wants a BROKEN missing link chain?of title to nowhere? These deceptive accounting practices have caused our family nothing but nightmares, depression, anger, and upheaval!!!!!!!!! They have refused to work with us and now we are about to loose our 1st home that we have been in for over 12 yrs. and raised our only child in since her birth 10 yrs. ago.
If i wrote all of it… as it continues to this very day….. today… then I would already have a short novel!! SERIOUSLY!!  They have constantly ignored us, would call 15-22 times a day and just hang up when we would answer or machine would play, I finally stated on my answering machine if this is Aurora Loan Services PLEASE LEAVE a message SO WE CANT GET IN TOUCH AND END THE RELENTLESS PHONE TAG, and as I sat and watched numerous times …. ring ring, hang up….. YUGGGGG!! It makes me sick along with the over 600 plus ALS victims we have in a group I am in among the other masses web surfing like me daily!
they have done nothing but lie and  gave us the run around, told us we had to be late in order for help, would not disclose our loan was a Fannie Mae and they were “signed” with the HAMP program to help until I finally dug deep to figure it all out. When I threaten to sue or get a lawyer, then wow we can help you … wrong not me!! I am not on the loan!!  The only papers they have ever sent were 4, call and we will discuss that nonsense and the numerous phones calls I and my hubby made! like I said this is only the start to give you an idea, its bigger believe me!  When it hit the mailbox…we started receiving short sale chasers as I call them.. ads in our mail box. So the 23rd of July, I tried calling each one we got and never would I get a person to answer, until  one day’s mail. A wonderful lady answered and actually helped us a lot and emailed me how she got our “notice of default” when I cant find it anywhere and I EVEN WORKED FOR OUR SUPERIOR COURT where it was filed. That is how we were first notified of by MERS of the latest terroristic MERS/ALS  Combo virus that now creeps in our veins. So ALS indeed filed a NOD and have Cal Recon as the filer and ALS as the beneficary.
BUT, AGAIN, ALS nor CAL Western Recon, are no-where, anywhere or ever have been on any of our documents nor do they have ANY recordings with regards to us or the loan or the service or the property ANYWHERE in Arizona. NICE huh???  Our loan was released in 2006 then from “Citi” to Universal Savings Bank and now it seems same day aurora actually BEFORE WE SIGNED THE PAPERS, ALS grabbed our “loan” but all our paper trails have never changed, it all still states Universal, even as ALS proclaims to be the owner/beneficiary on this Notice of default…..  isn’t that like me walking into court and foreclosing on YOUR house with someone else’s paperwork??? Now today I did my research as I have all this time and have found more fraud and forged documents across the nation, In our very own docs, my husband signs like a girl, cute, and the rest of the fake signatures, fake titles of person signing, lies, one minute the VP is the VP of CitiMortgage, then 2 days later he is the assistant VP of MERS, as well as a couple of women. In a one month time frame this MERHL Gibson is a busy multi tasker as well as Marylyn Brown and Geraldine Simpson, all of MERS CITI PRINCIPAL RESIDENTIAL whichever the paper called for and the notary is along for the ride for all the years , Jane Eyler Frederick Md, Notary. Half the time no seal, or no seal for Citi, mers, whomever on doc and then different signatures on others for same person, I have saved and will continue to save all I found…. check out Google search and Google the notary you will see for yourself….. Our Release is the same yet NO SEAL, NO STAMP FROM CITI/PRINCIPAL and no signed names just to typed. Sorry but that’s illegal and that is just the first other doc I started on,..,,, not to mention the others I, Susan Smothers and Lind jo Davis on our sale and sub trustee papers……… it just growssssssss!!. I will stop for now but I ask for your assistance!! Please keep running your stories, make us heard, even if I loose my house as this hearing Friday was more or less the judge saying to bad but we will let u try once more on a new evidentiary hearing, as illegal as it is…..but “maybe they bought it”, the Judge proclaims last Friday, I hope and intend to DO OUR TOTAL BEST to prove to him what is happening in plain sight right in front of the common court room labels across the country of…. “oh gawsh another Pro per who really knows nothing wasting my time…… I WONT GIVE UP EVEN IF it ends up with the scenerio of this………. I end up hangin out with Sherriff Joe whose tent is not as fun as camping near the superstition mountains, and get stuck wearing those awful pink boxers, ya even as a women I really hate pink!……………